My Fair Lady!

The Harvard Club of Western PA invites you to join together for the Pittsburgh PNC Broadway Series presentation ‘My Fair Lady,’ a musical show loved by all!!  The tickets are a discounted price of $65.00 per ticket!  To purchase tickets, please send a text message to Alice Hirsch at 412-818-3313 indicating how many tickets you would like to purchase and your address so that the tickets can be mailed to you.  After receiving a text confirming that there are still tickets available, mail your check to Alice Hirsch, 1 Trimont 302P, Pittsburgh, PA 15211.  The check should be made out to the Harvard Club of Western PA.

In addition, we are planning a get together for dinner at the Fairmont Hotel before the show for those who purchase tickets and are interested!  If you would like to meet for a pre show dinner (separate dinner checks at the table), please send a text message including your name to Alice Hirsch at 412-818-3313 indicating your interest.  Dinner details will be shared in the text response to you.  Come and join in the fun and Harvard camaraderie!

Details regarding the My Fair Lady performance are as follows:

Date: Friday, February 2, 2024

Time: The performance begins at 8:00PM, however, it is suggested that you arrive 45 minutes in advance due to the line slow down caused by the bag search and walk through physical screening.

Location: Benedum Theater in Pittsburgh

Requirements:  Proof of vaccination is required by the theater.  Also, please take a mask with you in the event that masks are required on the night of the performance.

If you are interested and have questions, please call or text Alice Hirsch at 412-818-3313.