In this day and age, environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria are an increasingly important way to evaluate companies and, as a     

    result, have become drivers in how many companies manage their businesses.  Some companies are seen to have started on this path decades

    ago like Johnson & Johnson in its response to the Tylenol cyanide poisonings crisis of the 1980's.  The company was thrust into reacting to a   

    series of tragic events in 1982 and developing a plan under the glare of the media spotlight.  Then, it happened again four years later. 


    Bill Slivka, '76 (and HBS '78) will lead a Zoom discussion on the Tylenol crisis and will deconstruct J&J's response and navigation in stormy

   waters in late 1982 (and again in 1986). He will re-create the "real time" environment that descended upon J&J through contemporaneous

    television news reports.


    Attendees will be able to assess the facts themselves and opine on whether J&J was fulfilling its corporate social responsibility standards at different points during the crisis. Bill was a J&J       

    manager in the 1980's and led several of the company's consumer brands.  He has firsthand experience related to the crisis, from manning Tylenol hotline phones during the crisis to the

    national Tylenol relaunch sales meeting. Bill has lectured previously on this topic at universities in the Pittsburgh area.


Zoom meeting Credentials will be circulated to attendees that RSVP below.




5:00PM - 7:00PM Wed 7 Apr 2021, Eastern timezone

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