Royal Ballet of Cambodia

Pittsburgh Dance Council

HCWPA purchased tickets to a special presentation of the Royal Ballet of Cambodia, which will be held at the Byham Theater on November 7, 2014 at 8:00 PM.  “Renowned for its graceful hand gestures and stunning costumes, the Royal Ballet has been closely associated with the Khmer court for more than 1,000 years” (Pittsburgh Dance Council).  Choose either $30.40 or $38.90 tickets.  The same evening, HCWPA will host a preconcert dinner at 6:00 PM at the Renaissance Hotel next to the Byham Theater.  Meals will be ordered directly from the menu and paid for individually.  Meals range in price from $19.00 to $37.00.  The preconcert dinners always make the evening more special. 

Please register for both by emailing